Avoid the hazards, like this waterfall, on our 27 hole golf course rich in history!
“A great golf experience with a sincere thank you!”


Apple Greens Golf sign with a beautiful landscape.

Family owned and operated by David and Judi Roehrs and the Roehrs Family, Apple Greens Golf Course is an establishment founded upon hard-work, a love of farming, and an appreciation for the challenges and rewards the game of golf provides us with everyday. Guided by a wise friend and family member, Clinton D. Carlough of Apple Ridge Country Club in Upper Saddle river, New Jersey, David and Judi invested in an old apple orchard in the Town of Lloyd back in the mid-80's. With a strong family history of agriculturists, horticulturists, and farmers in both David and Judi's families, the decision to utilize the land for a purpose other than farming was not without many hours of debate and uncertainty. Construction began in 1993, with a driving range and the first 9 holes. Two long years and many man hours later, it was an accomplishment indeed to see the 9 holes finished and the course open in 1995. As golfers came, played, and experienced the course, the Roehrs family couldn't help but want to expand to a full 18 holes in 1996. Friends and golfers from all over came to support the Roehrs' in their endeavors, and Apple Greens quickly turned into a very desirable place to learn, play, and thoroughly enjoy the game of golf.

Apple Greens Golfer swinging his club.

Not long after the 18 holes became well known, David and Judi were provided yet another opportunity to expand the course in order to accommodate the many motivated and passionate golfers frequenting Apple Greens. A third nine holes, now termed "Apple Greens East", was added to the course. Although more challenging, Apple Greens East rolls through hills, is decorated with large stone walls, a waterfall, and provides golfers with a view of the Catskill Mountain region not to be missed.

With a strong will to succeed, a never ending desire to keep on going when the going gets tough, and a shear love for golf, David and Judi worked endlessly together to produce what is now one of the premiere courses in New York's historic Hudson Valley. David and Judi, along with the entire Roehrs family and Apple Greens Staff, are eager to show you just how special their golf experience is!