November 11, 2022

Apple Greens remains open for play for the 2022 golf season. Course will be CLOSED for Thanksgiving Day and remain open thereafter until the snow begins to fall! 

****PLEASE visit the TeeTime/Booking Section to familiarize yourself with 2022 pricing

Some general housekeeping that may be helpful for those of you new to our facility:

– Tournament, outing, league information can be obtained through our Head Manager Jim Delmar. Please put “Attn: Jim Delmar” when sending your requests!

We do not accept tee time reservations or requests via email or our social media platforms. These tools are used solely for the purpose of communication and general information. Tee times can be made over the phone or on our current online booking platform TeeSnap. The link to this booking engine is provided in the “Tee Time” section of this site. If you wish to utilize the online booking tool and need help navigating getting started please do not hesitate to ask!

– After analyzing much of our year end data we have chosen to move forward with two large fee changes that will affect a large demographic of our golfers. As aforementioned these are difficult decisions yet necessary for the continued operation of this company. We will continue to do our absolute best to provide you all with the best public golf course that we possibly can!

– There are NO discounts applicable during Twilight golf.

– Tuesdays and Thursdays: Both Tuesday and Thursday are honored as “Senior Days”. Thursdays are honored as “Seniors and Ladies” days. We honor seniors as 60 years and older. If you are a golfer who falls under this category the 2022 discount is $5.00 off the regularly priced round.  Full price breakdown available in our TeeTime/Booking section!

  • Restaurant event hosting inquiries should be sent to
  • Wedding inquiries: please email Judi Roehrs at .

Looking forward to a fun full season with all of you in 2022!