You can view our golf rates and golf specials below:


18 HolesWalk: $35.00Ride: $49.00
9 Holes – After 12pmWalk: $23.00Ride: $31.00
Twilight – time varies throughout season$21.00
Senior Twilight$18.00
Junior Twilight$13.00
Junior (under 16) w/adult:
      18 holesWalk: $18.00
      9 HolesWalk: $15.00


18 Holes – Open-Noon w/ cart$70.00
18 Holes – Noon-3:00pm w/ cart$62.00
18 Holes – 3:00pm-Close$55.00
9 Holes – Open-2pm w/ cart$40.00
9 Holes – 3:00pm-Close$35.00
Junior (under 16) with Adult:
      18 Holes before Noon w/ cart$46.00
      18 Holes after Noon w/ cartRide: $40.00
      9 Holes before 2pm w/ cartRide: $29.00
      9 Holes after 2:00pm(Walk)Walk: $20.00

Cart Fees (per person)

Electric Carts Mandatory prior to 2:00PM Saturday and Sunday, and at all times on Apple Greens’ East Course

18 Holes$14.00
9 Holes$8.00
Pull Cart 18 Holes$3.00
Pull Cart 9 Holes$2.00

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USGA Approved Computerized System easy entry with cards printed out on demand.


Specials running every season include Senior Citizen Days Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as Ladies Day held on Thursdays.

*All prices subject to change