Reserve Teetimes Online

November 11, 2022

Twilight Golf now 3:00 – 4:45pm

Tee times are available online or by calling our pro-shop.  A reminder we DO NOT accept tee time reservations or requests via email or social media platforms. We love connecting with so many of you through these sites however we use these resources only for communication, important updates, and general information acquisition. General public is permitted tee time availability up to seven days in advance. When booking online, PLEASE be courteous to your fellow golfers and reserve ONLY ONE tee time. Please also be courteous to other golfers when canceling tee times by providing 12-hour notification.

***when booking online, you do NOT pay for your round!!! Our online booking engine simply acts as a time reservation. Please note, the prices shown on the online tee sheet may not reflect YOUR cost upon arrival. In other words the booking engine does not reflect any of the designated discounts that may be applicable to you specifically ~ i.e., students, juniors, seniors, etc..                                                                           Apple Greens Golf Course DOES NOT DO ONLINE TRANSACTIONS For some of you this may seem frustrating and old-fashioned. We are looking into various booking engines for the future. We feel it is in our best interest, as well as the safety of our customers, to keep all transactions in person only.  

***PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AS OUR PRICING AND DISCOUNTS HAVE CHANGED!!!!*** If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for clarity!

~ Seniors – 60 years and older

~ Juniors – 17 years and younger

*****COLLEGE STUDENTS, your discounted rate is ONLY applicable after 12pm Monday – Friday, or after 1pm on Saturday and Sunday, student rates are NOT applicable during twilight golf hours***** If you book times outside of these designated hours you will be responsible for the appropriate price for that designated day/time. Thank-you for honoring this policy!

Apple Greens 2022 Golf Rates

Weekday                                18 Holes

Age                               Walk                           Ride

Adult                           $36.00                         $50.00

Junior                          $22.00                         $36.00

College ***AFTER 12PM***     $38.00 walk/ride  (must have current 2022 college ID to receive the student rate)

Weekday 18 Hole Replay – $35.00

Weekday                                9 Holes

Age                                Walk                            Ride

Adult                           $26.00                         $34.00

Junior                          $15.00                         $23.00

College ***AFTER 12PM***    $30.00 walk/ride (must have a current 2022 college ID to receive student rate)

Weekday 9 Hole Replay – $22.00

Weekday Twilight (Times vary throughout season!) ***NO DISCOUNTS APPLICABLE DURING TWILIGHT GOLF***

Age                           Walk                            Ride

Adult                        $23.00                         $31.00

Junior                       $13.00                         $21.00

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS SENIOR SPECIAL: seniors are honored as 60 years and older. $5.00 off any round on Tuesdays and Thursdays                                                                                                                                                                                 ***NOT INLCLUDING TWILIGHT***

LADIES DAY – THURSDAYS: Ladies receive $5.00 off any round (***not including twilight) on Thursdays!

***SENIOR or VETERAN discount amount and policy: 

~ $2.00 off any round seven days a week (***does NOT apply to twilight golf***) Discounts CANNOT be combined on any day other than Tuesday or Thursday.


Weekends 18 Holes *Reminder for SENIORS or VETERANS: Your discount of $2.00 honored to the below pricing scale!!

Open to 1:00 pm                                                         $74.00  (18H + cart)          $60.00 (walk)

1:00pm until twilight begins                                     $62.00  (18H + cart)           $48.00 (walk)

Juniors Open to 1 PM                                                 $47.00 (18H + cart)           $33.00 (walk)

Juniors 1pm until twilight begins                             $40.00 (18H + cart)           $26.00 (walk)

College Rate ***AFTER 1pm ONLY***                   $48.00 walk/ride

Weekend 18 Hole Replay:                                         $42.00

Weekends 9 Holes ***Cost for 9 holes from opening until the beginning of twilight***

Adult                                $44.00 (with cart)       $36.00 (walk)

Junior                               $30.00 (with cart)      $22.00 (walk)

College Rate ***After 1pm ONLY***             $37.00 walk/ride

Weekend 9 Hole Replay                                    $27.00


Adult                                $35.00 (with cart)         $27.00 (walk)

Junior                               $28.00 (with cart)        $20.00 (walk)