Reserve Teetimes Online

August 9, 2021 – Twilight Hours 5:15 – 7:45 PM

Tee times are still available by calling our pro-shop. We do not take tee time requests via the soial media platforms we subscribe to – Facebook and Instagram. We love connecting with so many of you through these sites but ask you to please book your tee times online through TeeSnap or call our pro-shop, 845-883-5500. You may book a tee time up to seven days in advance. When booking online, PLEASE be courteous to your fellow golfers and reserve ONLY the time you know you will be using. Please also be courteous to other golfers when canceling tee times by providing 24-hour notification.


*TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS remain our “senior days”, Seniors at Apple Greens are 62 years of age and older. In the past we have provided seniors with a $10.00 discount of of our base rate of 18 holes with a cart. Our weekday base rate for golf is $35.00 greens fee + $14.00 golf cart = $49.00. For those of you who fall in the senior category, that means your base rate for senior days was $39.00 for 18 holes with a cart. After lengthy discussions and much research across the Hudson Valley and greater Metropolitan golf region we have chosen to move forward with a $7.00 discount on our senior days. This means the base rate for 18 holes with a cart on Tuesdays and Thursdays for SENIORS is still only $42.00. The senior discount on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is $3.00 off any round. This is still a fantastic discount for those of you seeking a public course of our condition!! Any questions or concerns regarding this alteration can be addressed directly to ownership by emailing the course at

*VETERANS and SENIOR VETERANS: You are still permitted a $3.00 discount on your round with us.This means on Tuesdays and Thursdays if you qualify as a “Senior/Veteran” your fee for 18 holes with a cart is $39.00. We understand this may be confusing as we provide a wide variety of pricing. If you any questions or would like further clarification please contact management directly by email:

*COLLEGE Students: Your discounted fees are applicable AFTER 12pm Monday-Friday and AFTER 2pm Saturday & Sunday ONLY.

***COVID CART USE: COVID19 is still present. We take your safety and the safety of our staff VERY SERIOUSLY. We ask you to PLEASE WEAR YOUR FACE MASKS while driving together in a golf cart. If you choose and/or prefer to use your own golf cart there is an additional service fee added to the fee of your golf round. These service fees are as follows:

18 Hole single cart service fee = fee of your chosen golf round + $8.00
9 Hole Single Cart service fee = fee of your chosen golf round + $6.00


Apple Greens 2021 Golf Rates

Weekday                                18 Holes

Age                               Walk                           Ride

Adult                            $35.00                         $49.00

Junior                          $21.00                         $35.00


Weekday                                9 Holes

Age                                Walk                            Ride

Adult                            $25.00                         $30.00

Junior                          $13.00                         $21.00


Weekday Twilight *Times vary throughout season!

Age                           Walk                            Ride

Adult                        $23.00                         $31.00

Junior                       $13.00                         $21.00

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS SENIOR SPECIAL: 18 Hole greens fee + cart = $42.00 (If requesting a single cart due to covid, the service fee is applied on top of the $42.00 special!)

***YES – Veterans continue to, and will ALWAYS, receive discounts – on Tuesdays/Thursdays as a “Senior/Veteran” your fee is $39.00 for 18 holes and a cart. On ANY day veterans are permittesd a $3.00 discount for golf! The difference from previous seasons applies in that on “non-Senior Special days” – the greatest discount provided would be either your veteran status or your senior status, not both combined. For any clarification on pricing feel free to call us in the pro-shop or email us,, and a member from our team will be happy to explain these details further. Thank-you!!!

LADIES DAY – THURSDAYS: 18 hole greens fee + cart = $42.00 (If requesting a single cart due to covid, the service fee is applied on top of the $42.00 special!)



Weekends 18 Holes *Reminder for SENIORS and/or VETERANS: Your discount of $3.00 honored to the below pricing scale!!

Open to 12pm                                                         $70.00

12pm – 3pm                                                           $62.00

3pm until the beginning of Twilight                                  $55.00

Juniors Open to 12pm                                                 $46.00

Juniors 12pm until twilight                                          $40.00


Weekends 9 Holes

Timeslot                             Walk                   Ride

Adult    Open -12pm                 $32.00                         $40.00

Adult: 12pm until twilight begins $30.00 $38.00

Junior 9 holes             $20.00                         $28.00

Weekend Twilight

Ride $35.00

Walk $27.00